She says that that is all people get her anymore and she has a lifetime supply.

What her and other grandmas are telling me is they want out outings/visits/reading/writing/games.

They want people’s time, not stuff.

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It's hard to buy gifts for anyone, so having grandma make a list of what she wud like is a good idea. However, "wanting people's time" is unrealistic. A good compromise might be sharing the cost of transporting grandma to family outings. I say this cuz it's often safer for the elderly (& saves time for family). I use a w.c. van svc to transport my mother to every dental or Dr appt. Worth it.

My grandma is obsessed with her ipad. I usually buy her itunes gift cards for games and pay her yearly skype membership. I also have an herb garden so I give her dried herbs and rubs in decorative containers.

It's really hard. Food or other things that you can use are best. My DH and I just did Christmas lunch of finger food for my elder sister and my bed-bound BIL. BIL is allergic to shellfish, so we did prawns which my sister said she hadn't had in years. I can't cope with most perfumes, they smell like fly spray on my wrist after a few minutes. But body butters and nice deodorants work for me. Love is the best.

Twenty years ago when I was engaged, my fiance' and I flew to Wyoming for his 80-something mother's birthday. We rented a car and drove her to a town about 200 miles away for a two-day visit with her best friend, 99-year-old Flossie. Flossie was doing well for her age and she regaled us with swing music on the piano! Flossie's daughter drove us all over their town.

What a wonderful time, so memorable, and our efforts warmed up our hearts. Both women died within months of this wonderful trip.

If people are serious about wanting to give a great gift, there's nothing like gifting your time and energy, which is limited only by your imagination. Granted, spending money and free time comes into play, but you can still come up with a wonderful thing to do that doesn't take much money.

People's time? good luck with that in today's technology crazed world.

This past Thanksgiving we invited my sig other's grown daughter and her two daughters [12 and 14] to visit with us. We put them up in a nearby hotel which they really loved, indoor pool and gym. It had been almost 10 years since the last time I saw them mainly because of helping my elderly parents and me recovering from a serious illness, traveling was not on the list for me. Sig other would go visit on a regular schedule.

Anywho, pretty much of the daughter and grand-daughters awake time they were on their Smartphones, when not on the phones they were napping. You'd think they would be excited to see the sights of Washington DC from the subway. Nope, texting/napping.

The first 48 hours, I believe I had only 10 minutes of face time with one child. So, Grandmas out there, don't be surprised if you find yourself taking a back seat to the cellphone... [sigh].

Hey, I will take the lotion as long as it smells pretty good. The last one I got was made in Hersey PA and was made to smell like chocolate, it was ok for the first few minutes but not so a half-hour later.

Hey, whatever happened to rose scented dusting powder :)

Gift certificates to restaurants they like so you can take them! My FIL requested these.. we got him 4.. He'll be thrilled.

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