I may be stepping over the boundaries, but.... I just lost a younger brother, 58 years old, my dad passed at 69, aunt passed at 78, grandmas, grandpas, FIL, YES you get and the circle of life.....When is it time to toss in the towel, and say,, "This is it, NOW let's make it happy of MOM, DAD, ETC....Let's not prolong their life, Let's make it happy, comfortable, and as easy as possible for everyone around.. If they sleep, let them sleep, if they get UTI, take care of it, make sure they get proper care, THIS is not something that is "Natural". UTI's can be provented, but ALZ, is an aging disease, whatever age you get it at....From what I understand, the brain's deteriation, is NOT reversible...Can keep keep it at Bay, but it won't get better.....This is what I am observing....with my family...and our family diseases....

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Thank You. I keep thinking Im going crazy, taking care of 3 geriatrics only.. I don't have to worry about my brother anymore - Thank You God. He is safe now...

What I am seeing is that medical science is helping people live longer.... except so many of the elders have a somewhat healthy body but they are struggling with Alzheimer's/Dementia. How fair is that to the elders and for those who are trying to care for them.

Again, elders are living longer but the caregivers who are tending to them are not. There are times I think that my 90 something parents will outlive me, as I now have MORE serious medical issues then they do. The stress of dealing with elders can really do quite a tap dance on our own health.

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