Up until a couple of years ago, grandma would only poop once a week or so. Sometimes it went as long as 2 weeks when she would vomit up "coffee grinds". The doctors tried a bunch of stuff, mainly adding bulk with fiber. None of it worked. So I went the other way. I cut out all fiber. She's on a no fiber diet. So no fiber that I consider the hospital "no fiber" diet to have too much fiber. The couple times she's been hospitalized, I've had to pick through the hospital food and remove things. It seems the hospital doesn't realize that potatoes have a lot of fiber.

Now grandma poops everyday. Which is a blessing and a curse. It's good for her that she poops everyday. It's bad for me since now I have to deal with it. Why can't she poop in her toilet instead of her commode? She'll go to the bathroom after she poops to wash her hands. Why can't she just poop there too?

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Agree, agree, C. I got rousted out of bed this morning at 3AM to clean up Hubby. Now I have to go to work at the daycare and clean up poopy babies for 5 hours. 😒

First of all, I commend you for being the loving granddaughter you are.  She is blessed to have you.  I know that a person can vomit up stool if they're extremely backed up, but vomiting coffee grinds is also sign of a bleeding ulcer.  Are you sure about this?  Also, fiber is essential for healthy BMs, so I am amazed she is responding to a no fiber diet.  Maybe she's just now passing all the fiber she was given in the hospital.  If you've found something that works and she's healthy, that's what's important.  I give my Mother a glass of Metamucil (about 2tbs) every day and that works for her.  As for going every day, I must say that you are fortunate she uses a commode.  I had to change poopy Depends 4 times yesterday and wash her like a baby.  (Yuck)  Hang in there - you're doing a great job!

At least it's in a commode and you're not dealing with poop in a diaper.

(yeah, I know we're not supposed to call it that🙄)

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