my 90y/o dad just had hip surgury and has developed severe open sores on his heels and he is lashing out at everyone in the family (denial), he is distancing everyone including my wife and I with exception of the comfortkeeper girl and and the awful part is my step mom which i(we)dearly love and knows what is happening , (due to a stroke) cant say anything my question is ?? what are we to do ???

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It's possible that the surgery itself or the anesthetic pushed him over the edge into dementia, and that's why he's acting this way Even hospitalization can cause delerium, which is a mental issue. The infection could be causing delerium. The doctor needs to be made aware of his behavior so there can be changes made to his medicaitons. Getting rid of the infection may help. Infections in elderly people can often cause mental symptoms. Also, some people that age never totally recover mentally after a hospital stay.

Meanwhile, please keep reassuring your step-mother that he can't help this behavior. It's something that happened to him and has nothing to do with her. Give her as much attention as you can while getting the doctor to take care of the infection and let them know of the mental issues. There must be something that can help.


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