my dad gave me poa - durable - many years ago and recently went bankrupt on his business, he left the house, bills and all responsibility, and took his 5th wheel to some mountain property he has "to build a cabin and retire" - he told me to handle it - or not. I uprooted my house and business and moved in his made all his bankruptcy payments, both house payments his truck payments thousand and thousands of dollars for over two years he recently got a girlfriend and they are drinking all hours of the day he brought his 5th wheel back from the mountains and is now telling me to get out of his house and that im no longer his daughter and he is selling the house i moved out of which my daughter has been living in and making the payments for- and just said he is selling his house to his new girlfriend - for less than whats owed- im currently trying to keep my business going and am losing my mind- and had to break down and get a restraining order agaist him to get my things packed up- but really im poa and have recently quit claimed my daughters house tio myself

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