Since joining Aging Care website I have noticed many people are online first thing in the morning. This is my restful time, I get up early turn on the monitor in Mom's room and surf the web. From the time Mom gets up has coffee, paper, pills all in front of her and her alert bracelet is on, I get a half hour to walk. From that time on it is cleaning, showering, fixing the next meal and on and on. Is there anyone with this kind of schedule also? If so see (read) you in the early mornings........

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My restful time is primarily at my part-time job! Scratch that. Secondarily it's at the job and primarily between the wonderful zone between getting off my early-morning shift (8:00 a.m.) and when my signif. other/care recipient gets out of bed (around noon). Without that private zone I don't think I'd have a life. Unfortunately I tend to spend so much of it relaxing (including just benig "zoned out") that I don't take care of my daily chores and needs like I should.

In some ways I am fortunate, as my fil, is still mobile, can use the bathroom on his own, but that's about it. I get up, fix his breakfast, give him his meds., and then usually get on line a bit.
I have had a very hard time with my fil and my husband, as they are both very demanding and passive-aggresive.
I do tell them, by 7pm, I will be out of the kitchen, so eat while you can.
Most of the time, I am outside. I garden. I do spend an awful lot of time, checking in on him. My fil refuses to buy a medical alert braclet,, but his chioice.
I paint and write and when I cannot get outside, I just stay in my own room and read. I do not spend a lot of time with father-in-law, as he chews tobacco and hacks and spits and I cannot be around that too long ( no one can ).
We receive Hospice and they send an aid over three times a week to wash him. He refuses to get in the shower or tub, but a sponge bath is better than nothing. He's probably cleaner now, than he's been in years.
By lunch time, he either has leftovers or a microwave meal. On the days I do a deep clean, I have to spend more time with him,as his bed is in the livingroom. Of course, he micro manages everything I do. I just have learned to either ignore him or laugh it off.
If I hang around him all day, I notice he has me do more things he is capable of doing.
Of course, he's not my dad or mom, so those feelings are not there. Most of the time, I go through the day, minute by minute, praying for a break.

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