Anyone caring for some one with multiple heart issue, and very fragile. PLEASE HELP


Grandma coming home from hospital went 4 diahhrea, had heart attack during 2nd day, and been nothing but complications since. Afib, CHF, DM She been immobile since 03/09 after a hip frac. So she needed lots of care the entire time she's lived with me. But now Heart Doc says her heart only works 20% n calls her 'activity-stress fragile'(????) She use to my house, kids n all that but I'm so worried and down right scared. After the HA she had an episode while trying to have bm. her heart simply just stopped. I nervous cause i feel like i dont know might set off another 'episode' or even be the last one. Sounds silly but its almost like I'm afraid I'm gonna break her.

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Thanks for the advice.

My dad was in that sort of shape,when I was caring for him-I was scared and stressed every minute. I didn't want him to die,and I did not want to be the one to make the wrong move.Something as simple as turning him to roll him over could make his heart stop. He had such a wonderful heart and I did not want it ever to stop. My brothers bailed on us.Everything CAROL has told you is true and no matter how much you do for her will probaly not seem like enough,but as long as you do your best to show your love,thats the very best of medicines.

This isn't silly at all. First of all, know that something will set it off, but it's not your fault when it happens. Let her know you love her, give her the best care you can, but know she is basically terminal, and one day her heart will stop - no matter what you do, you can't fix it. Love and contentment for her is what you can do best. Of course follow doctor's orders to the best of your ability. You are a lovely person.