What will help me communicate with my father who had a stroke and can no longer speak or write?

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My father had a stroke and can no longer speak or write, but he comprehends communication. Is there something that will help us communicate with him?

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Can he use a computer or text ?
He could use either or. Is there something small and portable he can carry around with him? He gets so aggravated when we don't understand what he is trying to talk about. He can't write the letters to make the words he wants to say.
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Check with your state's Assistive Technology project (you'll find a list at http://www.resnaprojects.org/nattap/at/statecontacts.html). They can tell you about communication aids: everything from computer programs to flash cards. They should have an equipment loan program so you can try various products.

ABLEDATA has a great list of communication aids.
I am interested in options too. My father has had 3 stokes and has trouble word finding as well as comprehension.
there are these ten inch portable netbooks that are very cheap, or get larger used notebook with larger keyboard. Stephen Hawkins the physicist is totally strapped into a wheelchair, cannot speak, nor do much more than move his eyes. He still has career, writing books, got married in the last few years, hosts tV documentary just on last night, even going on live tour, thanks to computer assisted devices. There are eyetracking programs I've seen as well, for computer, but guess he can use his hands. There are programs that will do speech from written words, and I'll be there can be shortcut commands like F1, F2, control A, to speed things along.

For common needs, like Hungry, Bathroom #1, bathroom #1, you could make up chart and have him point. Sure you'll be amazed at what people have come up with to handle this problem.

4x6 index cards to start with the basics and then investigate the stuff that naric was talking about. sounds good.

You caregivers are geniuses.

Having similar problem with Mom, with the new caregiver we were assigned. She is from the Phillipines and has a very heavy accent. I cannot understand her when she talks on the phone to me. So when I leave, Mom (whose ears are also filling with wax) gets kinda lost. I will type up common needs and wants so the caregiver can offer her the list and Mom can point. Mom doesn't converse anyway, hasn't really in the eight years I've been here (and if you've been reading my posts, you know how brainy I am!) so lucky to get an honest yes or no from her. She can't even follow "choice" answering yes or no to both, similar to the scene in "Rainman."
Yes! Rainman! we've spilled all of our toothpicks here too!

I think you're pretty 'brainy'!

writing down all his thoughts.
My name is marie.. I am here to talk about my father.. he had stroke and TBI. umm.. he cant write or type.. I am trying to find a way to communicate with him. he used to blink but not anymore. he start to say words but not really clear.. like he said no, yes, ok, and others. The plm is i am hard of hearing.. its hard for me to get what he is trying to say.. sometime i have to bring someone with me who can hear him more than i am.. I know they do have the machine that copy the voice and translate to people what he is trying to say.. I swore i saw it somewhere at college.. it was really cool. I am trying to think of that name.. but couldnt remember. i did tried to use the paper but it seems might be too much for his brain to read.. i dont want to burn out his brain.. please help and thanks have a nice weekend..

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