My mother (84) was just diagnosed with a leaking heart valve.What is her life expectancy?

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She refuses any surgery.

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This type of thing runs in my family. It can go on for years undetected or suddenly become serious very quickly. My cousin, who is in her mid 70s, just had the valve replacement surgery. She is recuperating well.
I would talk to your mother's doc about the risks of both leaving the condition alone vs. surgery. My personal belief is to not have invasive surgeries after 80 unless there is absolutely no other alternative.
Also, unless your mother is not of sound mind, she has made her wishes known.
Good luck...and, if necessary, please ask more questions
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mjschmalen, We are currently going thru this with my mom. She is 81, and ten years ago had a quadruple bypass. Just last week she didn't feel 'right' and my dad took her to urgent care, who in turn had her rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Now we find out that she has lost one third function of her heart. She also has a leaky valve which is causing what she calls a burp once in awhile that she can feel in her chest. Without doing an angiogram they don't know why her heart has done this. We as a family have had to face the fact that she is living on borrowed time at her age, and that this is probably just the beginning of her and my dad's health taking a nose dive. So I guess it just depends on much your mother is willing to go through to add a few more years, or maybe no extra years to her life. For my mom, being a Christian and having the assurance of Heaven someday, she's ready. Doesn't mean we want her to go one minute before her time, but who's to say that except God anyway?
my mom 79 diagnosed with same thing -because of age doc requested meds. will take care of it since it is minor- surgery may be to much for her- we have an appt. with the cardiologist next week
My mom has a leaking heart valve and is very frail. She is experiencing nausea and stomach pain. Is this pain associated witht the progression of a leaking heart valve?
I agree with the first poster in that talking with her doctor about risks and effects is the best option. If the doctor does, in fact, decide that there is a likelihood the surgery could be a success, bring these positives up to her and see how she reacts. Otherwise, resisting her wishes will only result in frustration for both of you. Best of luck to you.

Missy22011, this pain may be associated with the leaking valve. My mother had similar stomach ailments that ended up being related to her heart disease, although she did not have a leaking valve. It would be a good idea to bring this up with her cardiologist to see where the issue truly lies. Best of luck to you as well.
My mum was in heart failure for years before deciding at 87 to have a triple. bypass and valve replacement. The doctors told me it would give her an extra 2 to 3 yearsof life. 10 years later she is still with us. Never give up hope.
I am 63 and have been diagnosed with four leaking heart valves. My physician has suggested I use a cpap machine for my breathing issues while sleeping. Because of the money issue, we are unable to proceed. Are my days numbered? I do frequently feel a disturbance in my chest.
I also have a leaking heart valve and blood pressure meds have helped with the symptoms which were shortness of breath and on/off heart fluttering. Never had any pain associated with it, guess it depends on stage of the valve. For me, it is a watch and see, with echo testing every two years.
I am a 45 yr. old F, I have been diagnosed with a 52% blockage in my left carrodid artery. and I also have a significant leak in my aortic valve. I'd like to know if someone could describe what chest pains to be worried about? I experience on and off dull aches in chest mostly from center to left side of chest, occasionally sharp stabbing in same location.
nanajan1, do you have health insurance? I really hate to read about people not being able to afford health care measures.

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