Mother doesn't have Alzheimer's now per se so says the neurologist says... she has very mild vascular dementia. Mother has been zombie drugged on Aricept (since 2015). Aricept aka Donepezil (neither 10 nor 5 mgs.) have been well tolerated by her. I have seen an EXTREME decline from the many severe and persistent side-effects suffered since the beginning of taking this medication. Causing sedation, severe debilitation, disorientation, severe and prolonged dizziness, diarrhea, dehydration, incontinence. Incidents of heart attack, and reduced lung function, UTIs, violence, etc. Increased frequency of emergency responders to the home, hospitalizations and ER visits for falls, electrolyte imbalances, complete strength and muscle decline. Mother is fading into the sheets on Aricept aka Donepezil. Father believes "Aricept is CURING her Alzheimer's" and will not let the doctor's know her side effects are so debilitating that the drug is assisting her to meet an unnecessarily earlier demise. Aricept drug manufacturer's label states "Aricept will not cure Alzheimer's". This should be made aware to caregivers. Why not?

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Are you saying your mother has all these symptoms, or are you quoting from a list of possible side effects?
As for Aricept being a cure, I don't think there is any legitimate health care professional that says that, your father is living on hopes and dreams.

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