I recently purchased a product, Drive Medical Lifestyle Transfer Disc, 15" Ref# RTL6048 I highly recommend this extremely helpful product. Aids in transfers between bed, W/C, or toilet. Reduces caregiver back strain. Used for limited ability or no ability to pivot. Nonslip surfaces ensure security and safety. I pivot my mother with ease and she is not at all afraid with the pivots. It is so much easier for her, feet do not get stuck under her. The cost for me was $45 on I would give this product a five star rating. Please consider this product to make life easier for caregiver and loved one. I can't believe how much this helps!!

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My mom was having this very severe problem for going to the toilet. She doesn't stand or sit for more than 5 minutes in the toilet and find it very hard to pee. So, we decided to remodel the bathroom for her as she did not want any product or something for that purpose. We consulted the doctors and then the professional bathroom remodel Concord CA contractors for the design of the bathroom which will be perfect for her. And they made it like that with all the bathroom utilities stored in one place in the bathroom cabinets and a small cabin only for her. I think that was the best idea so may be anyone else could try it. Also I will overlook the product that you are suggesting, it sounds good.

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