I would install this if my mom were able to use it.. I think early use would help “train” someone how to use…😉😎

Alexa Together

Introducing a new service to help you care for the ones you love

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I just looked up your idea. Has anyone here tried it? Benefits?

We’ll be trying: Google Nest Home Speaker. You place for example 2 speakers in the house, different rooms. The LO can shout, “Hello Google, call X!” and the phone starts calling for example the caregiver.

Good luck to us with all our difficult situations! Have a great weekend!


My in-laws wanted to buy us an Alexa for Christmas. Problem, my husband is almost deaf. If it has bluetooth ability maybe but then that ups the price of his hearing aide. His problem is not volume, its being able to distinguish words. He would be asking Alexa to repeat all the time.

I agree, early adoption is key. Even the "simplest" technology is baffling to a generation that didn't grow up with it. My mom has begged me for a mobile phone but she forgets how to use it, and has neuropathy in all her fingertips so really struggles to navigate a "touch screen". She has a tablet that she's comfortable with, and no internet connection. I so wish I'd transitioned her to a smart phone about 15 years ago, but she didn't want to pay for it. In hindsight, I would have paid for it just for the ability to text her her now.

I have 3 sons and I've been trying to prepare them for the "surprises" of aging that will happen to me and my husband. We try hard to keep up with new technology no matter how annoying it is and I've asked my sons to encourage us to do that, helping us set it up and use it. It's incredibly practical on so many levels -- and it's not going away, ever.

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