Do any of you notice behavior changes in your parents when the weather changes?

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Ruth tends to be alot more anxious when the wind is blowing harder. Last night was horrible, she was pacing, getting into everything. What do ya'll do when they do this? I try redirecting, but it just seems to make her more upset. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

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Absolutely! Unsettled weather often causes unsettled behaviors and moods.
Thanks at least now I will know what to expect
Oh yes I agree! I myself experienced it 2 days ago. I am just 40 and it seems the weather is getting on me. Still lucid & healthy enough to notice it myself as it happens to me. And my other student also noticed! And mom too is going back the past 4 days now into her old favorite that is sundowning again. She stopped for maybe 4 months and we all get good sleep. Now, she's waking us all up at 3:00 or 4:00AM!!! and goes back to sleep at 7:00AM when everyone else is rushing & busy. Duh!!~
Absolutely, the weather affects there moods! Mom is more confused on days its cold and snowy and more lucid on days the sun shines(even a little). Moms biggest issue is the time changes spring and fall. It takes a month or so to get her on track. I don't know why... the woman hardly ever sleeps day or nite. But honestly, since I no longer work outside the home and with my mom 24/7 I have noticed the "cabin fever" feeling when the weather is not so pleasant. I never seemed to notice that before. On really ugly days out, I close the drapes and turn on the lights and tell mom that it is nice out. It seems to calm her until she peeks out the window and gets the real surprize. But then I just repeat the process(cause she forgets in 10min most of the time) I get a little sanity sometimes from doing this!!
She has been doing very well until this last cold front. We are having high winds and for some reason that affects her. The last two evenings have been a nightmare. Crying, asking where is she going to sleep, am I going to stay, when can we leave, did I lock the doors, crying , asking where is she, you get the drift. This goes on from about 2 pm, until her bedtime. I am about to loose my mind. Had to start locking my bathroom and bedroom doors as she has been going into my bathroom and making a major mess!!! Lord, please we all need some sunshine, warm temps, and a break.... thanks for the reply. Need to know I am not alone. Helps to know others are getting just as crazy as I am..
My relative becomes afraid when ice is forcast. She is afraid that the electric will go out and there will be no heat. Also no lights or no TV. She is unable to entertain herself except from TV. The threat of this makes her nervous. Also if a lot of snow is forecast, she is afraid that her caregivers will not be able to come or that her noon meal will not be able to be delivered. If the weather becomes a Level 3, her caregivers are not permitted to come, and there is no meal delivery. She is also afraid that her caregivers may slip and fall in the snow or ice. This is in addition to the fact that she has only been able to leave the house once since Nov 23rd. I keep telling her that spring comes next month.
The wind has always affected me and I'm not ill. I'm told it has to do with ions in the air...wind creates a greater concentration of positive ions which make us restless and uneasy. Being near a large, moving body of water one encounters negative ions that have a calming effect on us. Perhaps an ionizer in the home would help.
Wonderful suggestion, I will check into this, thanks

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