I have a sibling who is mentally abusing my parents and won't leave the house. What can we do?

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Here are two places you can call to look for help:

1. The Domestic Violence Center hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) and a Crisis Advocate will help you assess and respond to the immediate situation.

2. The Area Agency on Aging Protective Services program 1.800.677.1116. They guarantee confidentiality and are professionally trained to determine whether or not abuse is taking place.

I hope this information is helpful.
Report him for elder abuse!!! Call the dept of human services in the county in which they live and report him!
How do you mean mentally abusing? What are they doing? Do your parents have a mental illness?How old are they? Are they on alot of medicine?Are they complaining about the abuse? How about the next doctors visit you tell the Doctor and state you want it documented in his notes. By law they have to report abuse and he will document and visual abuse he sees.
I agree with the home care.com. Talk to a professional tell them what you feel is happening and they can give you some guidelines to help determine if there is abuse.It comes in many forms as physical, financial, and emotional. Most areas an agency that specializes in these situations. Be sure to tell them of your parents' physical and emotional health

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