Any ideas as to what else could be going on?

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Mom is 89 w/ dimentia. She crys all the time, complains of itching scalp, back and arms. Creams only give temp relief, and I have tried them all. She takes Namenda and 75mg sertraline. Tried a higher dose of sert but had a bad reaction , slurred speech, restless, nervous, but didnt cry or itch.

She is sleeping alot and this seems to be the only time she is not crying. Also, recently had a cat scan because I thought she moght have had a stroke...scan ok.
Ant ideas as to what else could be going on?

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Well, she could be allergic to something she is eating or using on her skin or in the environment. And allergy or itching with Namenda has been reported. And thyroid disorders and other skin conditions that have nothing to do with allergy could be behind this too. So, I'd recommend medical attention first to try to diagnose it. She should not have to be so miserable!

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