My mom doesn't remember anything anymore. The other day I took her to a place she went when she was younger and two days later she forgot. Should I help her remember things or just move on?

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It was still fun for her! You just have to get used to the fact she won't remember. Even celebrations are like that. It's worth doing whether she remembers or not, if it gives her some pleasure at the time.
I still take my mother-in-law places that I know she will like, knowing full well that she'll never remember going there. It's fun for her at the moment though. It's when she asks the same questions over and over again that gets a little annoying. But I've also learned just to keep repeating myself when we're together. It is what it is....
I vote with NA - do things that help her enjoy the moment, don't push her to remember more immediate events. It will only make her feel bad and frustrate you.

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