My 83-year-old father lives on his own in Phoenix and I live in Texas. He's getting older and can't do much for himself any more, but it's so hard to help him. How can I help him now?

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You could look in the yellow pages to see if there is a geriatric care manager in the area. They are expensive, but they can take the burden of direct oversight off of you.
Also, you can look at in-home agencies on your own. Since you are out of the area, I'd look for a respected agency that has local franchises. With an in-home care person visiting your father, he'd have care and you'd have information. Please check references when you hire an agency, just ot be on the safe side. You'll want to visit with them when you visit your father, if possible.
Long-distance caregiving is tough. I hope you find some help soon.
Move him closer to you.
I think I would move him to an assisted living center in Texas. As mentioned previously long distance can be a problem and you might want him closer in order to monitor his care and well being. What part of Texas are you in?

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