My 80 year old dad needs to go to the doctor, but flat out refuses to. How can I convince him to go?

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This is common, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating for you.

He is not listening to you, but he may listen to a friend. Does he have a friend who has any influence, or a pastor, priest or Rabbi? Many times, a third party can help a lot. Will he go to the dentist? If he does that, you could contact his dentist and ask the dentist to tell your dad that he needs a checkup.

Good luck with this. Please let us know if anything helps.
I believe a large part of this is just least with my mom (86). I encountered this problem when she was in her early 70s...I told her that we would either get in my car and go to her doctor appointment or I would be calling 911, they would come, put her on a gurney and take her. Yes, pretty harsh, but it worked and I've not had any problems since then. I just made it clear to her that she was going to that doctor and I would do whatever to get her there.

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