Has anyone else thought of counseling for their parent who seems to have depression?

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well i think so but hard to accept for them- i put on joel osteen for my alz. mom and she would cry and say my mom ..... she cant talk anymore so i would pray with her to tell God her pain cuz he can hear her. After a couple of times she flinally forgave her -i told her thats all thats left to do and she was only hurting herself by hanging on to hatred..... a couple of days later she said very clearly - what you said reminded me of my mother -with a big smile - no pain or anger - amazing - my mom and i love americas funniest videos- when i first moved her in she had to watch it all day long she was so depressed -now we only watch it once in a while-cuz its funny- try that and she is on paxil and has 2 mg of valium when needed - good luck
i'm considering it but don't know how receptive she will be to it. My other concern is that her memory is so bad that I don't think she'll remember much, if any, of the counseling She started on lexapro about 6 weeks ago and it seems to have helped quite a bit.
good luck
Thank you for your response. I have cared for my father until he was 93 and the last months he needed 24 hour medical care. I am a counselor and director of a coounseling agency. I would like to provide these services to the elders of our community and inquired to the group regarding the way to approach not only the elder but the sons and daughters, wife, husband of the elder.
I believe that rememberiing the counseling is not as valuable as the time spent feeling valued and respected by a caring professional who is not involved in the day to day care.

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