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This weekend we finally found a place for my elderly mother. Nice clean senior apartment she can afford, home health aides handy, lots of activities, etc. Then today while visiting her doctor she has a temper tantrum that nearly gets her thrown out of the doctor's office, over some nothing little thing.

She's always been like this. I remember her throwing temper tantrums and abusing shop clerks when I was eight years old. She's notorious for her bad temper, so it's not like this is some new development. Only now that she will be living in a senior community instead of by herself, now I'm afraid they will throw her out because she has some tantrum. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am afraid to call the apartment and ask if they have a policy, when she hasn't even moved in yet! But I'm also afraid that a week after we move her in, they'll call us to come get her. Help!

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i wouldn't worry about it. i lived in large apartment complexes almost my entire adult life, most of it in NYC. your mom sounds tame compared to what goes on in some of these places. it's like working for the government, she'd almost have to kill someone to get thrown out. an old boyfriend used to get drunk, leave the gas burners on the stove. several times the fire department was called, they had to break the door down to get in, he was out cold, the hall was filled with smoke. he could have easily blown up the entire block. even the police could have cared less. one really has to screw up big time to get thrown out. not paying the rent is about the only way i know of to make it happen in a heartbeat.

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