This weekend we finally found a place for my elderly mother. Nice clean senior apartment she can afford, home health aides handy, lots of activities, etc. Then today while visiting her doctor she has a temper tantrum that nearly gets her thrown out of the doctor's office, over some nothing little thing.

She's always been like this. I remember her throwing temper tantrums and abusing shop clerks when I was eight years old. She's notorious for her bad temper, so it's not like this is some new development. Only now that she will be living in a senior community instead of by herself, now I'm afraid they will throw her out because she has some tantrum. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am afraid to call the apartment and ask if they have a policy, when she hasn't even moved in yet! But I'm also afraid that a week after we move her in, they'll call us to come get her. Help!

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