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My husband got a timeline from the structural engineers today of 6 months to complete repairs on my MIL's house. Then he heard some good news - the relative that is very connected with the VA called to let him know that a bed had just opened at the Veteran's Home - she said that NEVER happens. Doug is going to go tour it tomorrow. The problems may be getting MIL to agree to go, but with her home out of commission for 6 months, she has to go somewhere. She was always very proud of being a veteran, so this might go over better. Keeping fingers crossed.


Keeping fingers crossed :) Talk about good timing after such a terrible situation.
Wow. The Veterans Home is over $7000/month. It's a nursing home, not assisted living. There would be some assistance from aid and attendance, but then medicaid would have to take over. She really doesn't need that level of care. It is ridiculous to spend $7000/month for a semi-private room when she could go in assisted living and most likely be much happier for half the price. I think we need to rethink the VA home.
Well....think ahead. Things degenerate on such an unpredictable schedule. It's better to have them in a place that can literally handle anything, than find yourself in a crisis because the place they are at can't respond adequately (or at all). Then you find yourself in a real bind because I promise that all the good places will have very long waiting lists.
Pursue the Veteran's Home opportunity. If you don't, there could be several moves in her future.....which will put you & your husband in more tailspins. MIL surely feels out of sorts, losing her home unexpectedly and now this. Put whatever spin you need to put on it, but guide her toward the solution that gives her optimum care and lets you & your husband get back on track.
New update: MIL is going into AL that has a continuing care plan. It is $3800/month for everything, and she has her apartment (that does not include a range, just a microwave, so we don't have to worry about her cooking). Right now, her USAA insurance will cover most of the cost (temporary housing). We have filed for Aid & Attendance, which will help a lot with the cost if she stays after her home is finished, which it sounds like she wants to do. She really likes the place. She was very happy she had her own spot and didn't have a roommate, and could have her own furniture and decorate it herself.

When my husband said to her, "it's only temporary", she said, "you know, living by myself is going to be hard". After all the battles he fought with her getting her to even consider assisted living - then once she sees the place she says that! His jaw about his the ground! He is delighted, of course, and we are looking at this placement as permanent.

My husband is hoping to be home on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I have a call into my job hoping to go back to work (keeping my fingers crossed that they held it for me).
equilot, that is great that Mom-in-law likes her new place :)

As they say it usually takes a crises to make our elders think twice about where they live. Being in assisted living now your Mom-in-law doesn't need to worry about a house, about storms, about the power going out, about trees come down, etc.
Great news! Thanks for keeping us updated.
And...... I just heard from my boss - they did hold my job for me and I start back to work the week of the 14th! I am sooooo happy! Just hoping something doesn't happen to screw it all up!
Great news all around! So happy for you and hubby. And it sounds like MIL has her head in the right place. Blessings to you all.

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