(Un)helpful siblings switch... Support group anyone?

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Forget siblings charging in to help, support or understand...next step, find surrogate sisters/brothers and cheer each other on this incredibly challenging caregiver marathon! Looking to connect with a small group of people willing to reach across cyberspace and form a sibling-like support group. This lonely and depressing state can't be it! Anybody interested?


meh , just more people to piss us off .
when i get to feeling isolated i go to a very large indoor flea market in our town . it takes a couple of hours to check it all out . by the time i get thru there my contempt for the human race has been fully recharged and i shag back to my hill like the devil was after me .
in the flea market they never fail to have some old wooden table legs for sale . i always wonder if buying one of them implies permission to bust the next idiot you see over the head with it . 2 bucks'd be a bargain if that were the case .
Grrr ( twitch twitch )
Nydia1708, I think that you are right. When you can't count on family for support and encouragement (because they are jerks or they are distant or they don't exist) then it makes sense to build your own mutual support system.

I found a local support group for caregivers of persons who had the same condition my husband did was very useful.

I find that this website discussion forum (and others I've participated in over the years) offers a lot of support and encouragement and nonjudgmental suggestions.

So I wish you well in finding a few folks who want to form a smaller support group.

(I'm finding that the larger group is meeting my needs at this time. Plus I have swell sisters!)
Comment on mom spitting. When moms in the car i take a towel put on her lap and extend it front of her over the back of the seat. Couch I bought a twin plastic cover sheet to cover the cushions than I take a large sheet an cover the couch then I take another sheet and cover the table and the carpet. Then its easy to clean. If she sits somewhere else the towel is great to cover where she eats or on the floor

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