Need advice. Mom keeps trying to "go home." Usually i can talk her out of it, but tonight its not working. Advice please!

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Mom thinks she wants to go home. Usually this is part of her sundowners. Tonight she is trying to get out of the door and go next door, trying to escape any way she can. I've tried everything. Tried not to argue, but what to do?

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Sigh! Sometimes there isn't much we can do but weather it. You are right not to argue. I'm sure you tried to distract her, redirect her, comfort her, etc. "Home" is comfort so provide as much soothing comfort that you can. But she is likely trying to go home to a childhood home that doesn't exist. This is heartbreaking, of course. I'd check with her doctor because maybe some of the agitation can be controlled by medication. Good luck. We're with you,

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