Today was good, but then it got bad.


We went to a barbeque with my friend, and that was good. Then we left and mom didn't hear my friends mom invite her anytime, she didnt believe me when I told her this. She argued with me all the way to her apartment. Then my car overheated, and I did a foolish thing, I thought the radiator was cooled down it wasnt when I took the cap off and I burned my hand not to bad though. We were at rite aid and got coolant for the car. After that the car ran well, also found out low in oil.
I'm so exhausted. I am staying home tommorow, I need to. My mom has plentyn of food and I will remind to her pills from the tuesday campartment. She gotten lot better doing that. She wants to do things the way she was taught. Like calling the person to see if she can come over, even sha has astanding invitation to come over anytime.pami

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I have been getting enough rest now. sleeping in thenm going over to my moms. Tomorrow she goes to her friends house while I do errands and then she wants to pay fpor a new battery. Yay. Things are a little better today.

Car problems are always the worst. Having someone argue with you before car problems make it even worse. Enjoy your day off. You earned it. :)

Sorry your day was good then bad. Hopefully you have gotten your rest now :) I have lots of days like yours too.