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i visit edna in the am with hot breakfast and again in the afternoon for a little drive or whatever she wants to do. mostly my game is emotional and personal comfort support. i keep the med planners prepared too . thise eve edna didnt have the wits about her to beep me into the building so i crossed the street to where her daughter lives in the same complex and asked her to beep me in. she hung up the phone on me.
freakin dummy . she probably thinks now that home care is involved they dont need me. ill let the social worker know in the am that the meds are up in the air at this point so edna is kept safe and we'll just play this out with a degree of patience and humor. edna speaks very well for herself and she has a doc who listens. daughter was hiding her from doc a few months ago to protect projected assets and doc is well aware of it. one screwup and she'll be in handcuffs.
one or more of the home care women may have sidled up to daughter but their 8 dollar an hour azzes could effectively be replaced by cardboard sillohettes.

the complex mgmt has seen years of daughters neglect and theyre in my court. everything will be fine..


Good luck to you, Captain. And as always, to Edna!
Patience and humor will win out.
Good show Captain, hold a steady course.
Y'ARR, lol..
ednas home should be auctioned off and the proceeds used for her comfort. right now a grandson is living in it and hoping to keep it and hes the very one who wont visit her and in fact rejected me bringing her up for a visit. these people are dull for a reason -- so they cant accidently cut each other.
It's HER HOUSE and I would go there with Edna in one hand and a torch in the other. Make him an offer he can't refuse.
pam, what happened to patience and humor? he he. doc has his eye on edna . no person or agency is going to pull anything on him. hes talked privately with edna and shes told him she just feels safe with me. this is the same doc who told my mothers hospice people to act with respect in our home or get the h*ll out.. hes pretty sharp.. edna doesnt have money and i dont want or need her home. im the only person in the fray without a hidden agenda.
home care is ill with me because i told them not to strongarm edna into the bathroom and handwash her like a pet against her steady protest. for all of their visits this is about the only thing they need to sign off on to get paid. for the second time now i have a pack of females attempting to trivialize me. having something sexist to prove makes them look foolish imo as there isnt a sexist bone in my body. they demean themselves..
Wow your dealing with quite the situation hope it all works out can you explain it a little bit more to me. So you are the caregiver but the daughter doesn't want you involed for some reason?
Overwhelm, Captain took care of his mother and now he's caring for her sister, Aunt Edna. He's either got Guts or he's Nuts.
aps visited the daughter and threatened her in advance, routine stuff. she NEEDED to up her game. she blamed me for calling them, I didn't. things are fine already and doc prescribed me a fob device to access ednas independent living facility. ednas care has already been a success. the last 9 months ive treated her like a princess. she deserves it. she cared for both her parents and her husband till their last breath and nursed me back to sanity after a failed hepc tx and divorce.
she cautioned me about causing daughter damage. when I insisted I hadn't she firmly told me to forget it and don't worry about it. whatever happened she knew that sharons feet needed scooted closer to the fire.. that's what aps routinely does. I usedta think it cruel but na, dementia gets complicated and its only right that the family lean in and give back a little..

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