I'm starting to forget where I put things.

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I'll also start something and for get what i started to do I'll repeat something several times.


Jagee, I read your profile and you are caring for your husband, and that hard work. It is not unusual to become forgetful when one is under a lot of stress because being responsible for another adult person who use to be able to do things on their own, and we are required to multi-task at our age :P

I use to be very sharp, but after dealing with two very elderly stubborn parents, I find myself being fuzzy minded at times, especially when it comes to reading anything complex. It's brain overload !!
Stress can cause this in caregivers. Just too much on the brain, too many things to do.... Try to simply things, making lists and stick to just one project at a time. Even if you have to include in your list where you're going to place various things, do it. Prioritizing helps so that things that aren't important aren't attempted on days when just surviving is the important thing.

And set up a good filing system, documenting the choices you make on where to file/put what.

I realized some years ago after I started caregiving that I wasn't able to remember where I filed things that weren't obvious - i.e., anything tax related goes to tax files, but miscellaneous items that don't fall in a specific category tend to hide for a while. Now I list them, on computer and in my project file, so I can remember what I did what that one letter that doesn't fall into a specific category.

If you forget where you put the keys -- no big deal.
If you forget what keys are for -- time to get concerned.

There is a difference in the kind of memory loss that may indicate a cognitive problem, and the kind that may be triggered by too much multi-tasking, too much stress, and not enough sleep.

If you are worried to a degree that is upsetting you, talk to your doctor about it. But if you still know what the keys are for and why the heck you are needing them right now, you sound pretty typical!
One thing to help to remember where you put things is to say out loud, yes out loud, "I am putting the cellphone on the kitchen table", etc. It might be difficult to do if your love one is calling for your help and you are in a rush, otherwise, give it a try :)
I read somewhere that going through doorways tends to "reset" the mind. I found that if I remind myself where I am going and why as I approach a doorway and repeat it as necessary I do know where I am and why.
Partsmom, I will have to try that.... too many times I am in a room wondering what it was that I needed in that room :P
Of course, consult with you doctor if you are alarmed, but I have a good story to report. After I became a caretaker, I grew alarmed about my memory and focus. It happened right after I started being the caregiver for my cousin, who has dementia. It was very stressful, plus, I was helping with my own parents and running my own business. I wasn't sure what was causing it and I'm still not positive. I suspect that I had too much on my plate. What I can say is that my concerns have faded away. I now feel MUCH more alert, focused and my memory seems fine. I wish I knew what the answer was, but here is what happened.

I relieved myself from some of the stress of caregiving. I still have responsibilities, but I know that she is being well care for. I do what I can for her and I don't overextend myself.

I discovered that I needed a Cpap machine for sleep. I don't have apnea, but I do have low oxygen when I'm sleeping. That is not good and it can take years off your life and make your brain and body suffer. NOW, I use my cpap and get good, quality sleep.

AND, I started taking Coconut Oil capsules. I can't say that they help for sure, but I intend to keep taking them. I feel MUCH better than I have in years. So, I suppose it's a combination of less stress, better sleep and Coconut oil.

Don't panic, as it might be something that can be remedied.
TRY to get more sleep and a little exercise. That can be tough. Every morning during my last precious hour of sleep, my husband wants to ask when we moved into this house (29 years ago), who owns it, whether or not it has a shower, and exactly who I am anyway. Sometimes it's a similar inquisition right before bedtime.
Sunnygirl, good points, especially the value of a good night's rest. I made the mistake of doing two sets of taxes after a not so good night's rest (taxes will do that to me and upset my sleep). Rechecking the following day revealed I'd made a large mistake. Rechecking again today revealed another mistake. Fortunately, they're all in our favor, but it's unsettling.

I'm going to do some more research on coconut oil capsules. I rely a lot on an herbal magazine, but am behind in reading that. Or maybe I'll just add more coconut to the fudge....I did notice that I think more clearly when I eat that fudge but always thought it was the chocolate.
jagee I have been this way all my life..LOL and stress makes it worse, as does some medicines. Anything new in your meds? I blame it on stress!

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