Well when I thought things were going well, someone got into my checking acct today and took 800 out by writing fraud check

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What else could possibly happen. I just signed up for Lifelock about a week ago. But, this acct was not yet registered. I just could not believe it. Just had to complain. I hate it as my bills are now due. Meanwhile I am caring for my Partner on Hospice. Can't get anymore bad than this I guess. We had a break in about two weeks ago and they got my checks. OH GOD what do I have to do now in addition to caring for my LOVE What is wrong with People. Don't they feel any remorse


Hi, just wanted to ask but I assume you've contacted the bank and shut down the account? If so, have you created a new one or do you have checks still outstanding that would hit that account? Has the bank offered an interim solution as some do offer protections in cases like this? Has the person(s) been caught and in police custody? I was going to suggest Lifelock too but I see you just got it. Don't know when the lifelock monitoring will kick in but please check your credit status with the three bureaus too. You bank may do this for you now also free of charge perhaps. I'm so sorry. I've been following your posts and know you didn't need this challenge.
OregonGirl - my understanding is that your bank is responsible for any money paid out on bad checks. That's why checks have to be signed - they're supposed to check to make sure the signature matches what they have on file. At least that's how it used to work. Of course that may not be an immediate solution.

Sorry this happened to you (and the break-in too of course) when you have so much else on your plate right now.
Called the CREDIT UNION last night but they are not open for another half hour. I agree they should be responsible for this. I called the Sheriff's office also as I had filed a report on the theft. They wanted to know if I had a copy of the check. Last night, I faxed them a copy of the check and a copy of the report that had been filed for my robbery. I will have to shut the acct down and then give them the name of the most recent checks and auto pay. I have lifelock, but I was having trouble signing up this bank. For some reason the issue was with the sign in and user name. I do't know what kind of people do this type thing. I would be frightened if I were those people. There are so many people who know so much about us, that it is hard to hide anything anymore. I will let you all know how it turns out.
I asked the Sheriff if they catch this person, could I please have about 5 minutes alone with them to slap the women's face and tell her off.
Oregongirl, on my gosh a break-in? How did this happen? Who was home at the time, I assume your partner since he has been so ill recently. Was anything else taken besides the checks?

You mentioned a woman, thus I assume you know the person?

Another thing to do is freeze your credit. I did that last year when I heard all the stories about credit card breaches. It's pretty simple, go to each of the credit bureau websites, at search type in "freeze credit" and they will walk you through the steps. For me the cost was $10 per credit bureau, some States it is free.

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