New issues with my siblings {All the dominoes falling down}.

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One of my sister whom i have not to spoken with since dad passed alway, called me today crying? since i lost trust with amost all my siblings it is hard to know who is telling anymore. This sister was promised alot of reward if she moved in mom, but now they want her the picture too* lol* life is bitch the same sister that thru my brother out who lived and care of mom and dad. My question to her was how does it feel?? cama sorry my english is not so great. She put mom on the phone i told mom I LOVE YOU AND 3 son's AND MYSELF WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. I begged mom not to signed any papers for anyone because they are tryring to her in a nursing and the money from the illegal sale of the her apt. When my brothers call mom or visit her they are in full ALERT phone recording video camara hidden? these siblings are the devils dress as girl. To make things really bad they intimadate mom so she tells them every word of your conversation you have her. I feel like waking alway from mom too. Am i doing thing wrong? also feeling guilty that is why my dad did not want died. Dad knew his children really well, some good apple, But more bad apples. I am stock in this chapter.


Get professional counseling for this one.
Kitty1854 is right. Go to Legal Aid and have them designate a court appointed advocate for your mother. This should resolve the majority of issues that deal with her care and finances.
It is difficult because there has been very little contact with the family. I can tell you from experience, siblings do not always get along and it is heartbreaking on the parents.
Depending on what medical issues your mother is dealing with, a home may be the best place. Just as info for you, nursing homes are very expensive and take most all of the patients assets.
If there is a Will or Trust that was created by an attorney, then I would turn to them first, if not .... A court appointed advocate will have your mothers best interest in mind. Good luck
Gonz what does you sister expect you to do-if they have cheated her out of her money they will have to account for it if she has to go on Medicaide which it looks like she will be doing. The nursing home will do the paperwork and those who cheated her will be found responsible-do not take her into your home-let it play out-it sounds like your sister believed others were looking ouf for her best interest and that is not what happened. Tell us as much about as you can-and if you think she is being treated badly report them to APS Adult Protective Services and they will do what is best for her-maybe she does need a nursing home and if she has no money she will get medicaide and if other family members have cheated her out of money they will be help responsible and will have to give the money back.

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