My mother had a stroke and now has a continuously runny nose.

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The only thing you can really do is consult the doctor. If you aren't satisfied with the doctor, try to get a second opinion. The runny nose may have something to do with her stroke or it could be a secondary condition that can be helped, so please try.
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I'm with Carol. I don't see how a neurological condition such as a stroke could cause inflammation of the mucous membranes which would cause the runny nose. Perhaps she has a chronic sinus infection or allergies. Why don't you take her into the doctor and get it checked out?
I guess that at first her mother needs an doctor especialized ear nose and throat (ENT doctor) and to a doctor espexialized in allergy.
But if her mother it is taking acetyl cholinesterase inhibitora as donezepil (Aricept,etc.), that drugs are a common cause of runny noses.(it is a side effect of acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors).
Wow, my mom has a continuous runny nose and she is on Aricept. Thank you for that. I did not know.

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