Everything out of my Mom's mouth is a complaint!

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My Mom is so negative! All I try to do is help her, but everytime I try to help her, such as setting her up with pill boxes because she flat out tells me she forgets to take her medications, warrents complaint after complaint after complaint from her. She just won't stop! One complaint too many and I lost it! I cussed her out and flew out of her house. I just don't know what to do. She is making very bad choices and I am just trying to keep her safe and make her life easier. She refuses anyone coming into the house to help her; refuses to stop driving; refuses to look at assisted living facilities, so it's all up to me. I do not live with her and honestly I can only take a certain amount of time with her. I hate that I lost my temper and that she frustrates me so much but I do not see her changing since she doesn't even see that she acts like that. She's all I have left and I want to help, but how do I deal with her negativity without losing my temper? I live in Hayward CA...if anyone knows of a support group for caregivers of an elderly parent...PLEASE let me know!! I need HELP! Yvonne


Yvonne, I don't know why so many older people complain so much. Sometimes it can be like they're reading a list of negative things. Sometimes the things that are complained about are actually blessings that come with living a long life. I don't think there is any way to fix the complaining. The only thing that I've found that works is to turn off my listening. Sometimes it works. Other times not so well.

Something I've found is my mother complains less when she gets out of the house and does something like going to church or out to eat. Of course, I have to take her everywhere she goes, so I tend to start complaining myself. :)
Thank you for your comment JessieBelle. My Mom's negativity is like a black toxic cloud...I can only take so much. I want to help her, but then face her repeated complaints. I just feel like telling her she's on her own, but it feels like turning my back on a helpless child. I'm very torn between allowing her to make her own poor choices and "fixing" as much as I can. I keep thinking of what I need to do to live with myself after she's gone. If you see someone you love hurting themselves or putting themselves in harms way....what do you do when they won't let you help?
One thing i've found out is that everyone has choices. My father has a spinal cord injury but is only 57 and has control of his mind. But b/c he wants me to do everything and i have come to realize i can't without dying - stress is not healthy. I found a caregiving group at the hospital that was free to go to. Pick the things you can help with and the other things you have to let bounce off of you. Most the time with my dad i listen and then change the topic. the more i get emotional and can't get things "fixed" i get frustrated and depressed. The more i step back and limit my time and energy with him the better i am. i don't know if this helps but good luck!
The negativity is like a black cloud. My MIL is.about. 100% negative. One day I came home and she asked how my day was. I said "great". She said, "well that's good because someday it will all head south and then all your days will be crappy". Wow, thank you Mary Sunshine. I too limit how much time I spend with her. She has always been this way. I suppose I should feel bad about that, but I don't.
The theme I see in these honest posts is that there is an option of limiting ones contact with the negative parent or spouse...problem is when they live under your roof and there is no way to walk away from the black cloud of complaints and zero appreciation for what is done...respite? All that means is knowing the few hours or days you are away, that you will be returning to the same black cloud but it will seem even worse because you got free of it for that little bit of time and the contrast sucks the life out of you that much more.
Bella, my MIL lives with us. She doesn't need to be watched constantly, so after dinner, I head upstairs. I just can't sit and listen to it any more than I have to. Really, we all scatter after dinner. I think this upsets her, but it is out of self preservation.
I totally understand the need to separate even if only to a different room but it saddens me when I realize the power of the unrelenting negative parent or spouse causing everyone else in the family being 'sent' to their separate rooms just to escape the control of this one person's power to destroy our lives. I use the same 'escape' but it doesn't always work, my spouse comes looking for me in his power chair and keeps sharing the complaints. No, shutting the door to my room doesn't work either. At times there is no escaping, even within the four walls of ones home.
I used to live with my mom - different story - but there was no place for me to be - my car became my reading place or quiet place. I even knew where the best parking lots were with lights and of course where there were restrooms near by. It might not help but i got alot out of Susan Forward's books. One is toxic parents and Emotional blackmail. the first time i opened her book i thought oh my goodness i'm not going crazy! Its so hard to be around the negative person. HUG
I can so relate to all of this in dealing with my father. He is now in a convalescent home after going to the hospital in order to get out of the ALF he WAS in. Now we found a new ALF when he gets out of the C. home. He stayed with me for about a week last summer and I described it as a "black cloud" over the house. Completely negative. If I go away on vacation it's "when am I getting MY vacation"? Of course, I think much of it stems from the fact that people just can't accept the fact that they are growing older. They get angry when they can't do the things they used to do; even small things. My dad told my husband, "I can't even stand up to pee". Things of that sort. I've been forced to limit contact with him, which for me is easy, since I live relatively far away, but my sister is in the midst of it and doing the lion's share of the work. It's so hard. He still would probably like to go home, but he cannot live alone. Good luck and God bless you.
Guys - I am new to this post..in fact this is my first post. Until about a month and a half ago- my stepfather took care of my Mom We knew she had alzheimers but just did not realize how bad. My stepfather passed away on Sept 18 and we found out quickly to the extent Mom needed help. Mom is able to stay alone -- right now-- we worked up from a couple of hours a day to nights..That was mainly due to her depression from my stepfather's death. But the more I read about Alzheimers the more I am like..Oh my..that is what my Mom is doing..hiding things --especially money-- accusing everyone of taking things (even her clothes from her closet because she lost weight...she said someone took her clothes and replaced them with someone else's)..but most of the time she is lucid--very forgetful--but lucid..but she does do what has been stated her.. the complaining...which is hard..see my Mom was always more a negative person in general and I am an optimist..With me- I don't care how bad a situation I will pull something good out of it..my Mom--will complain that no one will take her to get groceries..and then when I do- she can't find anything she wants to eat--But I have a sister and two brothers..but the weight has been on me..my older sister who lives 10 minutes away - is a stay at home wife- her children are grown--helped Mom so much during the funeral..afterwards they had a huge argument about money and the bank..and my sister just up and said..I am done..I can't do this anymore and I won't..my older brother is a work aholic and has also said he could not stay with my Mom..my younger half brother likes to use this a little to his advantage with her cars - groceries and such--so- Mom depends on me..BTW- I am unemployed single mother of three. Thank goodness my children are older- two in college and one in high school..but I have absolutely no time and feel like I am swimming in quick sand. I have yet to join any groups (both my brothers said they would go with me)..but just recently my mother has begun saying she does not have Alzheimers..so I guess getting her to go with me is going to be a job in itself..BTW- I am next to the youngest and really feel at times this is too much for me..But my Mom cries out sometimes (or did) my name..and I answer and she thanks me for being there and cries that she is afraid..It kills me because I want to protect her..she has never really in her whole life been alone. I am not under any delusions as I know things are going to get worse..I just am at a loss as to where to even begin..well besides praying..and believe me--God is probably ready to me on mute..She has had really three major outbursts with me. Two when one of my best guy friends was with me (who has been a saint and helped me with her a lot) but the next day or 3-4 hours total change. Can you guys let me know any books (besides Susan Forward which I wrote down) that was especially helpful to you? I checked some out from the library but they had a limited selection and they were not especially helpful. And believe me ..right now..I need as much good advice as I could get.. I am over being mad at my sister..I can't make her do what she will not and really she will have to deal with her decisions--but I still need to find a job to take care of my own family--and yet--though now Mom can stay the majority of the time by herself..She has begun to beg me to come and spend the night again..which she knows I have kids and can't just up and leave them..So..I need to prepare myself and try to make the wisest decisions I can..My apology for this being so long (and probably boring to you guys)..but this is my first posting..and I guess I had more inside me to let out than I thought..

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