Repeat mental illnesses and multiple ECT treatments.

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Having to choose between more ECT leading to continued declining mental function, or testing different drug combinations while mom is sick and suffering.


I'm at a loss of what to do for my mother. She has had multiple severe depression episodes which if left long enough, end up with her being pretty much catatonic. When she falls that low, we end seeking ECT for a couple weeks which helps her get better. The side effects are terrible though. She can't remember anything short term and our last go around with it seems to have permanently effected her long term memory as well. I am worried that any more ECT will rush her into full blown dementia. After two major ECT episodes in last two years she appears very old and frail at 79. She has a new Psychiatrist that is trying new drugs and dosing but my mother has never responded to changes in drugs once she is falling ill. She is currently living alone, but I think we now at a stage where I am going to have to find someplace safe for her. This is only a partial solution though as I think this will also worsen her depression and another place severely depressed is still just hell. Anyone have any hope to spread on this situation? I could use it.
How old is your mom? And other diagnoses?
Thanks for the additional information. Is there an in-patient behavioral hospital where your mom could be admitted while they trial meds/treatments? You're right, she shouldn't be living alone right now
There are two hospitals locally where in patient psych treatment is possible. She has been to one of them several times for ECT and it is a very stark and depressing place. I don't know if the 2nd place is better but probably worth looking into. I'll inquire with the Psychiatrist on Monday.

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