I just finished reading "Elders and controlling behavior"...

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I am reading, "When You and Your Mother Can't Be Friends", by Victoria Secunda. UH...WOW!!!! Me at 59, and my mom at 90...I should have read this YEARS ago! Just a share!


Yep, and now is a very good time to be graceful toward yourself!

One post speaks of "I take care of mom by myself, as well. I am thinking of visiting my daughters in Florida, but I am consumed with fret and guilt."

not just consumed but blinded by the dense F.O.G., You are

Fear Obligation Guilt are keeping you from finding ways to set for your mom to be safe and cared for while to go visit your daughters in Florida, plus to get some regular time for yourself other than just escaping into your room or else you might not make it to her age yourself.

Grace to you,

Crowemagnum, a.k.a. resident F.O.G. buster
I'm going to get that book Greysfully. I just saw another book I'm going to get by Joanne Reynolds called Search for Life: 10 critical things for care-giving. Has anyone read this yet?

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