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I don't think anyone can really knw how difficult care taking is if they are not in it daily!! In my alcoholic family the caregiver gets property so I've been told all my life. I have been caretaking my mom and various sick (mental and physical) family members or over 12 years. My mom is 91 and wants to give me property. It's not going over well with other family members. I feel guilty and I've done nothing wrong. I'm also very angry and resentful that I am regarded as a second class citizen in this family. I have had to fight to be respected and I don't want to fight anymore!


Is there a will? Have you read it? I hope you do get the property. Otherwise, you are really going to feel resentful that you gave so much up and did so much caregiving alone. Prayers, love and hugs.
A will is the only way to guarantee your wishes are at least read aloud and heard. Someone can always dispute but it will cost them money.
It can be very difficult dealing with family members. You indicated that your Mom wants to give you property and that is wonderful since you have been doing the caregiving. Since it is not going over well with other family members, could they do their share of the caregiving? Are they in the area? They cannot expect a free ride if they are doing nothing. I understand how you feel, and it's unfortunate that we're related to difficult people (siblings, family members) and that we cannot just walk away from them, but just try to have as little communication with them as possible (only if it is necessary). Hope all goes well for you.
You could land in jail if APS gets wind of this, charged with Elder Abuse. Don't believe a single word of what you heard!! Look at her Will. Bet she won't show it to you. Bet she is playing you like a fiddle.

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