Ok, odd topic/questions. Animals! Plants! Objects!

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If you read my post in the Dysfunctional Caregiver Thread, well, Im just trying to have my mind on something else!!!!( All for fun here- or be serious)

Ok, so here's the questions!!!

1) If you were animal,plant or object which one do you think you would be and why? Does this represent who you were, who you are now? Who you'd like to be?

2) Are Only dogs or cats affectionate? Do you see reptiles,fish etc as pets?

3) Decorating Style? (Inside or out) Same can go for Vehicles-your favorite model...

4) Favorite sport or activity?

hmmmm.. feel free to add anything!!!!!!!!!


Ok, Barbara Walters here goes.....

Decorating style = early attic
Favorite vehicle = my 18 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee, will drive that thing until the wheels fall off which means at the rate it is going, another 18 more years !!

As for the other questions, sorry, too late a night to think that deeply :P
if i were an animal id want to be a bull elephant . he can snap up a lion and squirt his guts right out his ass
pets are fine if we meet , greet and then leave each other alone . a neurotic , needy dog had best stay 8 feet away from me or ill eventually clock his head with something .
decorating style -- medieval gothic..
favorite activity -- philosophical banter with anyone who likes to learn and teach at the same time ..
I'll revisit this one tomorrow. Looks like fun, but just to tired now.
Animal: I would be a Raccoon. They are smarter than humans.
Affection: I had an 8ft Boa Constrictor. He always hugged, but for the wrong reasons. The DOG is much more reliable.
Decorating: Colonial-Traditional Lazy Boy shabby chic.
Vehicle: Roadmaster Estate Wagon. 30mpg hwy and positraction.
Sport: Frightening idiot administrators by reading laws to them.
I would be a puma, fast and sleek and cunning
Love the dog, she always has my best interest at heart and knows more about other people than I do.
Decorating, ha, what ever can be cleaned fast and catches no dust. I tile EVERYTHING
Vehicle- Toyota Tacoma truck I can carry anything I want now
Activity- producing healthy food, from the garden to the plate, love to grow it cook it and eat it
the little gmc truck has become my best vehicle . been playing with the rear leaf springs and the little truck hauled 1 . 43 ton of stone today . unheard of for a 1/4 ton truck .. i have a yard full of springs -- im shooting for a 2 ton payload .

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