I really need my dad to move back on his own land.

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Hiding in the bedroom because I'm out of sight and the doorbell rings low on this side of the house. I really need my dad to move back on his own land an hour and half from here or just until we can find him some land closer to us. He is such a complainer and very weird but 100% sane. I am so tired of telling him and telling my husband to tell him to keep the yard clean. He is not clean by any means. We bought him a camper to stay in and it's in our backyard. He leaves trash on the ground, everywhere. I don't even go outside anymore because I know it's going to be something wrong for me out there. Something laying out on the tractor, on the ground or hanging out of one of the trees. Which all have happened. Why!? Why!? I'm going grey by the minute and I'm hiding like a ninja. He needs his own space and land, RIGHT?


Well, is you father capable of living by himself on his own land? If he is, why did you move him into a camper on your land to begin with? Apart from being messy, what's wrong with him?
I spend a lot of time in my closet organizing clothes. I get it. At least he's not in your house. Be a little happy about that. I go downstairs and my mother is right there hovering. She is not 100 percent sane. Good luck.
If you say that he is sane then why is he not helping himself find a new place to live? You just appointed yourself as his enabler. We can only sympasize with you but you will still be the only one to help him.

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