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After finding out that 2 of my useless siblings spent New Year's Eve and the week at my brother's vacation home while I went to bed at 8 pm because Mom did too and I knew she'd up by 5am, I will not "turn the other cheek"... They do not exist to Mom mentally any more since she doesn't see them and they do not exist to me because they have NO respect for ME.. They are selfish and I do not care what their excuses are and they are pieces of s**t to me!!

What's your resolution?


i plan to hire a different helper this year. my kid keeps talking down to me like im an idiot. im 30 yrs his senior, hardly an idiot.
Capt you are far from an idiot. That will come as a shock to him.
I would have to say it is to be a better caretaker/mother. I am someone who has a lot of patience when it comes to people, but we fear granny is more near her end living with us than we want to admit. We are trying to keep her out of a home as long as possible, but I am getting close to being burnt out (with the exception of my boyfriend after work and on the weekends) I have NO help from her family.

Cap'n, I am looking to get out of caregiving this next year and will be looking for work, I am fat, old, and have bad knees and chronic back pain.... other than possibly thinking it is time to 'put me out of my misery', I can still follow directions....I wont even mind being hollered at, called names, having things thrown at me.... been doing that for years now.... so let me know.... lol.... have a good one Cap'n...... lots of hugs to you....
I don't make 'resolutions' as I know three days from now I will forget what that intention was.... I learned a lot about myself this past, with baby steps, I am going to get my life back..... have more fun and spend a lot more time with my precious granddaughter...... last year sucked.... so at least we get to start with a clean slate...
My resolution is to take better control of my life so my daughter can't use me as an excuse for hiding from the challenging job of finding her own future.
Haven't made a New Year's resolution in over 40 years. Is it ok to say I'm a Quaker on here? We have a saying, "Make love the first motion", that's not my resolution. My resolution is to stop adding on the second part I just made up a few months ago which is "Or make the second one count". It's just a terrible way to think and really not at all like me. I feel like I have found an understanding group of friends here, thank you, with love, Digger.
Digger, when I was a girl I was told it was more polite to refer to the Society of Friends! And since those days, repeated experiences have taught me that the Friends are indeed deserving of the utmost respect: I have only positive thoughts about their approach to life - perhaps especially their understanding that people usually do fall short of the ideal, and yet are still worthy of love.

I've already loused up my single NYR - "stop faffing about and get on with it" - two days running, so I'm altering it to "never mind the date, start again today."
I'm committing to exercising every day, even if it's just 20 minutes a day. Last year was probably the most difficult year of my life and I stopped caring for myself. I resolve to get healthier and feel better so I can enjoy my time with my husband and children.
Only in formal documents do we use the entire Religious Society of Friends countrymouse, even among each other we say Friends. The other conscious thought we try to keep and is actually the backbone is "To see the Light in everyone", however you define "Light". I was told to look for the princess in my partner, another word for Light.

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