My mother told me that I needed to listen. She said let me tell you how to get to the money.

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Well for one, I was young and was not about to accept that my mom was trying to talk to me about death, I just knew she wasnt going to die. She was too young to die and leave me. Well she passed away about 12 years ago on 9/16/2003, and i was lost. Needless to say I've never found any money or do I know how to find it. I paid for everything myself with a little help from some friends' donations. Other than that, thank God for a good job and the means to pay. I'm really lost and no one has ever reached out to me. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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Mechele, wonder if your Mom was referring to a life insurance policy. Also each State has a website that lists money sitting that hasn't be collected for years, be it old bank accounts, life insurance, etc.

Here's a website from Clark Howard who has great advice on money matters on how to look for "unclaimed money". or if the website disappears go to Clark Howard's website and type in "unclaimed money"

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