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My mom has just been diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia.. during the testing she was unable to write a sentence. I was surprised.


Neuromess, I was wondering if there are certain times during the day when your Mom is unable to write a sentence? I believe one's brain does loop to the here and now every now and then. My parents were much sharper in the mornings then in the afternoons as they were tired.

How is your Mom's eyesight? My Mom could talk sentences with no problems, but when it came to writing her macular degeneration wouldn't let her do that. Even writing one word was a scribbled mess :(
There can also be issues with hand stability that prevent writing.
Do you mean that she physically can't get the pen to move across the paper correctly? Some dementia (such as Lewy Body or Parkinson's) interferes with movement.

Or can she not think up a sentence to write? That would not be uncommon in many types of dementia.
Her eyesight is not the best so that and her hearing all contributing. She seems unable to finish a task and overwhelmed in her home. Would a smaller home help this?
My mom is in stage 6. She hasn’t been able to read or write for about 2 years now. I first noticed it when she was asked to sign her name on a document. She fumbled and looked around and finally penned something unrecognizable. I too was taken aback. She was a business woman, extremely articulate with beautiful handwriting. Her language abilities were the first thing we noticed were giving her problems. Using the wrong words, calling everything a “thing”. Mixing up he & she. I thing vision plays a part, but mostly i think it’s a malfunction of the brain. Fasten your seatbelt. It’s a bumpy ride, but there can still be good times and good laughs. Best wishes.
"Would a smaller home help this?" I kind of doubt it. A person could be overwhelmed in a tiny room or a big room, don't you think?
A new home could accelerate her disease, at the very least it would be very disorienting. Those with dementia need routine and a major chAnge like a new place to live would be very hard on her.

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