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I already have a durable power of attorney, the only thing is that it is not stamped with a stamp from a notary. So, we will present that to the doctor's office and see if they know of a notary that is near.


Can you go to her bank and use the notary there? Some banks have them and if you have an acct it's a free service they provide their holders.
The notary has to see documentation of the identity of the person signing the document when they sign it. If it is already signed don't waste your time trying to find a notary who will verify a signature they did not witness. In some places a notary will travel to you. They are usually running an independent business, not just doing the notary activities because the bank needed someone on hand to witness things. Was the DPOA signed by witnesses at the time if signature? That might help at the doctors office.
If it had two witnesses, it's all good. vegaslady is right, the Notary has to actually see the person signing the document. Bear in mind the POA does not kick in unless the person is unable to sign themselves. As POA, you are signing in accordance with the person's wishes, it doesn't give you authority to send them to a nursing home if they don't want to go.
I also found out I can take the POA to a bank and get it notarized at the bank.
AAA also has notories for thier members

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