For those with showering/bathing/hygiene problems!

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Good Morning America had a story on Bacterial Spray. The claim was you never had to shower again and stayed minty fresh!! They tested it on several people and it seemed to work. So, if your loved one doesn't like to bath or sponge this might be a solution if the smells are getting the best of you.



The link isn't working...

The guy who invented it hasn't showered in 12 years.

I'd buy it if/when mom ever gets to that point.
Yes sound good but 12 years? lol Would you be kind enough to post the link again this one isn't working.

Google it!! LOL
Just googled it and found the site for the NYT article & the actual products. Not sure these products can actually replace bathing all together (in fact, it's not advised by the makers,MotherDirt) but it looks like it might help with problematic skin (?)

i can't find the link
Ha ha ha!!! I would still have to "shower" Mama down with this stuff!!! And that is the biggest problem....just getting her to let me give her a bath =(
Turns out, the link keeps getting removed by the editors of this site (hence the confusion!). ..

Side note: After reading about the products, I recommended it to a friend with severe psoriasis. he's been using it for 2 weeks, and is not that impressed. It's good/interesting, but not a miracle product.

---- more to the original point here, getting an elderly, dementia patient into the actual shower is half the battle AND then through the entire process. .. All that said, I don't think this product is very valuable to those of us dealing with a smelly relative. :(. .. Just my opinion. (Obviously)

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