Husband's going to give me a heart attack.

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He has heart failure and had a stroke. Trying to be helpful he picked up big tray of cooked chicken out of grocery bag. But dropped it on rug before he got to kitchen. Most contents. fell on rug. He kept telling me just rince off the chicken pieces. They were baked. And warm in microwave. They will be ok to eat. But with his compromised health even though it's early stage makes me nervous.


Barb, stop. Just stop for a minute and ask yourself why you're worried.

Are you afraid of germs? Of his exertion, or what?

Your anxiety has taken over. It needs to be better treated. If your psychiatrist is not taking the fact that you are crippled with anxiety, then find a different psychiatrist.

Have you been to your internist recently to have your np, thyroid, etc., checked? Get that done. Talk to your pcp in concrete terms about what is going on in your life.

You deserve relief from these symptoms!!!!!
I've just rinsed dropped food before in my house. It didn't hurt me. I would try to keep anything that hot out of reach though, as he advances. He may not be able to recognize what could burn him. As long as nothing terrible happened, I'd try not to sweat the small stuff. Of course, food is expensive, but, you should still be able to eat that chicken.
A food spill is always disappointing and never fun, but if it is going to give you a heart attack I think maybe you are over-reacting, don't you?

As BarbBrooklyn says, look after your own health. Get your anxiety under control. Make sure you are healthy in other ways.

When you are caring for someone who has impairments, there are going to be accidents. That is a given. You don't have to like them, but you have to figure out a way to take them in stride, if you are to have any serenity in your life at all.
Barb, maybe I'm missing something here. Your husband had open heart surgery to replace a valve ( so did my husband, at age 52, they replaced his aorta as well. No stroke).

Has your husband been diagnosed with cognitive impairment or dementia? If you suspect that, talk to his doctors and get an evaluation.
I wasn't completely serious. He is just frustrating. Just being himself. Before the stroke. I would be frustrated by him. But I also thought that you shouldn't eat food that falls on the floor. Especially our carpet. We hardly ever clean it. His paralyzed hand started shaking. He was using his arm and sort of his hand to hold one side and his good hand to hold other side. It was a long rectangular container. And the hand shaking made him drop the container. Not his fault.
Barb, have you ever heard of the three second rule, lol!
BarbBrooklyn, I give it 5 second if its a M&M :P
I know it's difficult to stay ahead of people who we know have challenges, but, I'd try to make sure that he is steered clear of handling breakables, sharp items and hot food. Even if he insists, I'd have to interfere with him doing certain things. It seems that you may have a difficult time doing that, since he's been the head of the house for so many years. I understand it must be frustrating for you both.
I was out at the car geting the rest of the groseries. The time he banged his hand on the basement railing trying to get the laund hamper down the stairs I had gone out for an hour or two for myself. It's good that he doesn't need someone with him 24 hours a day but in some ways he would be safer if he did.
I'd reconsider him being left alone. If his condition is progressing and he's getting hurt, I'd have to reconsider if he's safe alone.

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