My husband appears to be doing much better today.

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He still hurts, but is sitting more easily, even feeling like sitting normally and playing solitair. He is still not coughing like he should, but they said that if he did start coughing more, it might be a sign of pneumonia. So, I guess he is doing ok. We put ice on his side, twice yesterday.


So glad your handsome prince is improving. If he coughs up any yellow phlegm or spikes a fever call the MD. Encourage him to practice breathing as deeply as he can. If the house is extremely dry, get a humidifier. I use a steamer at night to make breathing easy and keep phlegm loose. I don't know how cold Texas gets, but here in NY when it is 10 degrees out the house is drier than a popcorn fart.
Popcorn fart - ROFL

Fancicoffee, so glad to read your husband is feeling better. I hope he ribs heal. I am just glad they weren't broken.

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