How do I get POA of my great uncle?

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My uncle lost POA of my great uncle just recently to the nursing home my great uncle is living in and I'm wondering how I could go about getting POA of my great uncle.


That doesn't make sense. What makes you think this has happened?
What is your great uncle's mental status? Can he understand the concept of assigning someone to act in his behalf? Only your great uncle can select an agent to act for him, and that can't happen if he is not competent to understand the decision.

Could you explain how your uncle "lost" the POA?
Same questions. More clarification is needed.

Are you saying that the nursing home sued to get power of attorney over your great uncle?
My great uncle has been mentally impaired his whole life. My uncle lost POA over my great uncle to the nursing home. My great uncle cant read and the nursing home had him sign a paper taking POA of away from my uncle and gave them POA. They didnt explain the paper or tell him what he was signing just had him sign.
Have you actually seen this document? If it's as you say, I would contact the Ombudsman, the licensing agency, the POA who was replaced and raise a drink to high heaven. Now.
Stink, not drink.

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