I have living will and I am his health care surrogate.

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Sheila, thanks for asking the question. I have wondered what the difference is between surrogate and medical poa. so googled it.

Power of Attorney
A power of attorney is sometimes called a health care proxy. The designate may represent you during temporary or permanent periods of incapacity, and can consent or refuse treatment for you in most states.

Health Care Surrogate
A health care surrogate is needed if you are incapacitated without a living will or a designated power of attorney. This person often is your next of kin but any competent adult can serve as surrogate. Surrogates are obligated to make decisions based on what they think you would want.

Choosing your health care representatives in advance makes it easier for them to honor your wishes legally, ethically and emotionally.

I imagine that the doctor selected you as surrogate since there is not a POA in place. You may want to check with an attorney to ask the question. One thing that concerns me is that if it becomes necessary to place him in a facility would you be able to do that as surrogate? It is a medical decision, so I would think so. And your husband has to be competent to sign a poa. Is he capable of understanding what a POA is? If not the surrogate will do what you need, I would think.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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