Why I'm having a hard time to find a aggressive lawyer.

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To handle a wrongful accusations and filed false report multiple times on my sick husband. Ku Med Center here in Ks city, Ks has filed false report on me against my sick husband for neglect and abbused wrongfully multiple times, and I would like to file a lawsuit.


Reporters who act in good faith cannot be prosecuted. You would need to prove they acted with malice and predjudice. Rather difficult to prove.
I think the adult protective services has done that and dismissed the cases 6 times, all of them were found unsubstantiated, so what more proof would you like me to give, and the aging boarding department are investigating the situation right now, so really what else of proof should I have done?
Normally, you have to have a valid cause of action and the attorney usually charges a an hourly rate, unless you work out some contingent arrangement.

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