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Scientists have discovered that an ­ingredient in the spice turmeric, used in curries, could help repair patients’ brains.

Oil isolated from it can trigger the rapid growth of stem cells and their ­development into neurons, which the brain uses to process and transmit information.

The breakthrough paves the way for the ­creation of new drugs which could potentially treat a host of cruelly debilitating conditions from dementia to stroke.

Dr Adele Rueger, of the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Julich, Germany, said: “While several substances promote stem cell proliferation in the brain, fewer drugs additionally promote the differentiation of stem cells into neurons, which constitutes a major goal in regenerative medicine. Our findings take us one step closer to achieving this goal.”

In laboratory tests, researchers found aromatic turmerone, one of two main compounds in turmeric, boosted the production of brain cells in rats by up to 80 per cent. And injections of oil produced from the compound led to growth in two key brain regions.

This early stage study highlights the effects of aromatic turmerone in rat brains but the findings are a long way from determining whether this compound could help fight diseases like Alzheimer’s
Dr Laura Phipps, of Alzheimer’s Research UK
The human brain naturally contains stem cells that will trigger a regenerative response following injury such as stroke. But this regeneration is incomplete in adult


Imagine if the secret of unlocking cures for diseases were right under our noses.
i participated in a million man / woman research program at the va recently . all of our genetic and health data is being digitized to follow the course / pattern of diseases in our lifetimes .
i think dementia in particular will be traced to existing mental illness or something as simple as filling up our brain's with too many images , too much useless data . one thing thats changed in the last 30 years is the superhighway of information that our minds are exposed to via mass media and the world wide web .. ever see the " c " drive fill up to capacity on a computer ? it starts acting pretty retarded and cant sort and recall stored info very effeciently anymore . when i lie down at night the process of sorting information and condensing the lessons learned during that day begins and before i can fall asleep most of the mundane details are discarded forever ( hopefully ) .. someone who works in retail or manufacturing may have complex interaction with hundreds of people in a days time . i dont think thats good for ones thought process .. my mind keeps it simple . ive said before that visiting with my aunt and checking out nurse dorreens behind is as close to multitasking as my mind will ever get .
I've read other studies that say dementia is due to a lack of vitamin K2, produced in the bowel. Some say that not enough cholesterol damages the nerves and that cholesterol lowering statin drugs are to blame. Some say take more calcium, others say calcium causes TIA's. B12 definitely stimulates stem cells in the bone marrow. In the 1960's B12 shots every month for my Grandma. She never got dementia, she died of emphysema.
Fresh air and fresh vegetables never killed anybody.
Chicken kidneys are just as effective as Procrit, and a lot cheaper.
Go Captain.
I think the Captain is onto something, our minds are becoming rats nests with brain overload. Plus everyone is in such a rush to go no where. Now add on social media, gotta check Facebook, gotta check Twitter, gotta check Instragram.... never in my life would I ever think thousands would stand in line to by a phone :P

Pam, I remember my Mom going to the doctors every month for some type of shot... bet it was B12... and at 96 she is still sharp as a tack.
FF why did they stop giving old people B12? I wonder if there is a correlation between stopping B12 and increases in dementia cases.
Pam, that's a good question.

I know for myself was getting B12 shots every week for a month, then every other week for a month after I had cancer surgery and it was noted that my B12 was below the average. Once it got back closer to normal range than I been taking B12 pills daily. It hasn't helped my very tired mind :(

Both my parents drink a 4 oz glass of red wine at dinner. My Dad claims that is what his helping him. Well, sort of, of as I am now noticing Dad's mind is slipping every once in awhile. But then again, he's in his 90's, too, but he has a lot of aches/pain from joint issues and that probably tires his mind.
well hopefully something will find a cure for this awful disease! in the meantime im a lover of curries so i get my share of tumeric and coconut oils also i eat alot of sardines full of omegas!
personally i think family will drive us all nuts in the end!! LOL
and yes pam if you look at vegan diets they claim to have no major health issues if you check some elder vegans WOW they look amazing! ive tried vegan but its a bit tough to stick to we are carnivores but i think its all the crap thier putting in our meat is also causing problems now! unfortunetly most of us just cannot afford organic meats but when i get my head together i may just go down that road cant do any harm!
kaazzaa, I agree with you about all the non-organic meat having unnecessary stuff, like growth hormones.... oh my gosh, have to seen how mature looking todays teens are? The 14 year olds look 18, and the 18 year olds look 25.

I stopped eating grocery store ground beef and only buy organic whenever I am near the organic grocery store. It taste more like I was use to when growing up back in the 1950's and 1960's. Today's beef has no taste, you have to marinate it for days.
so much for brain teasers / puzzles helping us to stay sharp too . my mom was a whiz kid at crosswords and the like , but she lost her mind as completely as one can lose their mind near her end of life . doc asked her to spell " world " backwards once and she fired it back to him in an instant . sheeit. id need a pencil , paper and scissors to do that ..
i guess we'll see in a few years . i deliberately do not remember any minute data . how many cubic inches is a 4.3 litre v-6 engine ? dont know and dont care . the sob either has good oil pressure or the crank bearings are worn beyond spec and its toast ..

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