Frauds and scams?

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As far as I know 2 out of three brothers have POA and other one is the financial. other brother out of work for 8 years. came and drank with my mom while she had gout and other health problems. Also wanted to buy her house my mom said a while back and tried to live their but not help out. This was prior to me coming in to oldest brother has POA and always helped my middle brother out.... said he felt sorry for him and somehow my middle brother ended up with my parents car . my youngest brother is the financial . Ive been thrown out of the family by them it seems and the 2 brothers in control so to speak help my daghter out to so ive learned. Is there anyone going through or know whats going on Please help!!


i am very confused.. do you live with Mom now? And take care of her? Is brother helping YOUR daughter? Do they help you with care?
Pam, she just posted up in the Questions section. She tells more about her situation here:
Thank you Blannie!
I'm not going through anything remotely like this and I'm not sure I can even follow it.

I'm getting the message that your family is dysfunctional. You mother died recently. Your father has dementia and is in a care center of some kind.

You'd like to continue living in your parents' home. Your brothers want to sell it.

Your mother gave financial gifts to your daughter (who isn't speaking to you) before Mom died.

One brother has not been able to support himself and at least one other brother has tried to help him.

So ... what do you think might be a scam, or fraud?

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