I am faced with the most difficult decision of my life.

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I am faced with the most difficult decision of my life. Dad has had a massive stroke during the night. He is still in a coma, and the prognosis is grim, especially for the quality of his life, if he were to come out of this. Please pray for me and for him.


Dear Naus, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's health crisis. This must be very difficult for you, as you two have already been through so much. My prayers and with you and your Dad at this difficult time. Praying the peace of God can comfort you both, even in the midst of this trial. Praying the Doctors and medical staff have wisdom, and that your dear Dad will not suffer. Know we are here to support you. Sending many hugs. Much love, YOUR Secret Sister.
Naus, my heart and prayers are with you and your father. This will not be easy whatever the path, but I have faith that God will cover you and hold you in His Hands during this time. God's peace be with you.
Dear friend, you've been on my mind often today. I am praying for you and your Dad, and wonder how everything is going. I'll be vigilant, and on the night watches, too. Please know how much you're loved and cared for. Praying for your whole family. God be with you mightily.
Hi dear friends, I want to sincerely thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. You are angels. I am with my dad in a special hospice wing in the hospital. This hospital has the best cardiac care in the country. The hospice wing is new and just opened three days ago. My dad is the only patient here right now, and has two hospice nurses. They are so sweet and compassionate. His room has a view of a lake, and the chapel sky light with a golden bell at the top. You can see swans swimming in the lake. It is so peaceful and quiet here. They have a cd playing for him that is very soothing. They are making sure he is comfortable, and the family members too. He was in ICU all of yesterday, and all of today, but this evening before sunset was moved. I am now by myself, I sent family home to rest. My wonderful daughters brought back my laptop so I could check mail, and update friends and family. I had them remove his breathing tube, and all other devices that caused him discomfort, and they are just giving him some pain meds, to keep him from experiencing any discomfort. His stroke was massive, and from the brain scan I saw massive bleeding, and in the brain stem. His quality of life would be 24hr nursing care with a ventilator, and feeding tube. He would not want this, so I had this difficult decision to make. He is holding his own right now, and not ready to let go just yet. I have had his last rights read him, and have told him that he can go when he is ready, and that he will not be alone. There is severe damage, and very little response. Even so, I see him react to pain, when the tape was removed from his arms, or when they suction his mouth. I know that he knows I am here, but cannot respond. I see eye lid flutters when I talk to him, it seems he would like to open his eyes but cannot. I am spending the night. They have made a bed for me, next to his. I am going to go now so I can hold his hand. Right now, it's as if he is just sleeping, and snoring, so he seems peaceful. I assured him that no one will ever hurt him again, that I am taking care of everything for him, and for him to just rest peacefully. I hope he senses this in some way. I have to have faith that he can, and let God decide when to bring him home. Goodnight dear friends.
Naus, your Dad is so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. The best to you both. In love and prayers.
Dear Naus, this is the exact same thing that happened to my dad a little over 2 years ago. You are doing the right thing,. Keep him comfortable and pray it will be okay it is his time to meet his savior and the savior will say to you well done my child. We love you and we know it hurts but on the other side of things know how relaxed and peaceful your Dad will be and his struggle for all things is over. Take a deep breathe and feel His precense and live the rest of your life knowing you are loved, caring and a special person for making your Dad's life secure in spite of many obstacles. I love you neon
Hi dear friends, Dad is still hanging in here. He is a fighter, always has been. This will take a long while I think. I will keep you updated my dear friends. You take care of yourselves, and hope all is well with you.
It took a week for my dad he slept thru the week with the morphine and sunday morning I stopped by on my way to church and he was wide eyed couldn't speak but had many questions in his eyes, I told him I would come back and bring mother it took me to 4 pm to get her together I thought we would miss him than when we got there he was awake for about 1 1/2 hours and had many questions so I just held his hands and talked to him and wiped my tears with his hands told him to go to the light and fifteen min later he had gone to the light. Very peaceful and pleasant way to leave, there are days I miss him and can feel his presence especially when I am doing something and I know he used to love to do it to. but they are good memories nothing hurtful. I try to remember the best of all and will do the same with my mother when her time comes. this is a transition we all have to make. Love to youNaus
Naus my heart goes out to you you are doing all the right things my husband was restless and was trying to talk and I told him I knew what he wanted and it was ok for him to leave and to go home to God and he heard me because he calmed down it was just me and him in the room at the time-today is his Memorial Service I have made so many batches of brownies and have to take chairs and things over to the church today so tonight just have to pick up the coffee-of course we are going to have a hard rain storm -please pray for good weather for us-I think I have used up my quota of prayers-take care friend
Your dad is blessed to have you. You are an angel placed here on earth. I wish the best for you, your family and peace for your father.
Know you have a lot of people thinking about you.

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