Has anyone ever felt as though everyone expects you to understand them, but they don't take the time to understand you and your concerns?

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So much of the time I feel this way in my so-called UNFULFILLING relationships which is one big reason why I prefer to be alone. If I am expected to understand other peoples pressures yet they don't truly take the time to understand me wouldn't you feel as though the relationship, whether that be work, family, friends, spouses, etc., was a one way street?


We live in a "me" society today..Everyone telling you "how busy I am" "so stressed out". Well, we all are. But a true friend will stop and listen to you.. I think people need to be reminded they are being self-centered, if they really want to be your friend I would ask them nicely to listen ..

Other than my husband I have 1 good friend who listens to my concerns.. I make sure I take the time for her also..That's all I need... Work associates are just that "associates", I prefer they stay out of my personal life..
Thank you for you response. The people here that post at aging care have been a great support but outside here I am frequently confronted with this reality and it tends to be quite discouraging at times and yes, lonely because I would rather be alone than with a bunch of people who I feel constantly find fault with me, micro-manage me, and are simply overly critical. But the worst part are the ones that constantly lie to you, but have no conscience about their lack of respect for you.

I would say for the most part, I have felt misunderstood pretty much my whole life to the point where I am having to explain myself over and over, yet still not being understood. Some would encourage me to go to a therapist but frankly I see it more about people who have very poor listening skills. They call it HOH in medical documentation...........hard of hearing.

I think our culture suffers from that terribly.
I'm sure that those people who are over critical have absolutely no idea what your day as a caregiver entails. We learn thru experience, and hopefully others we love & respect will never have to watch their loves suffer daily as we do...As much as we would like to think we would not lend an ear or support to those that didn't listen to us in our time of need, we know as caregivers it's not in our nature..

I suggest you find a caregivers support group.
I feel as if this deserves a good ole hardy "AMEN" I find that even family that doesnt live with my mom could care less as to how I am feeling or what I have been through being her caregiver!
hi love yourself and never feel you have to make people understand you when you meet the right people to be around you dont have to explain yourself! Ive learnt that most of my frie just friends men etc..were a huge negative influence on me and I now just want to be around happy positive people!
"theres no such thing as depression its just youre surrounded by assholes!!!xx

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